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Our Location

The Yohetta Wilderness area is one of the very few pristine wilderness areas still left in the world.

What is very unique of this wilderness is the proximity to Vancouver and Whistler. It is only one hour’s flight from Whistler crossing the most spectacular mountain scenery which you can imagine. You will fly over ice fields, glaciers, massive rock cliffs and mountain lakes as well as glacier fed rivers. This will bring you into the rain shadow of the Coast Mountains.

Here in a sunny climate, the Chilcotin Mountains are rich with wildlife and in the valleys, the clear mountain lakes are full of the feisty trout. Isolated on Tuzcha Lake and surrounded by these beautiful mountains are the Yohetta Lodge and Wilderness Camp.

Surrounding this, is in an area of spectacular beauty and consisting of 1000 square miles of wilderness most of it within the Tsy’los and Nuntsi wilderness parks.

The Southern part is pristine mountain wilderness and the Northern area, encompasses tree covered hills and mountains and shallow lakes known as the Brittany triangle. This is the home of the mysterious herd of Chilcotin Wild Horses.